About me

Hi there…

My name is Saskia.  Welcome and thank you for popping in.

For me, life is about the small things, the quiet moments and little pleasures.  These things make me happy and bring the biggest smile to my face

(not as big as a coconut sorbet though)

I am a very easygoing person, with a sense of humour that makes me notice things and interpret moments in an unique way…but it also means that people look at me strangely when I start laughing all on my own!!

I love being outdoors, somewhere deserted or in nature, fresh air, earthy colours and that Western Cape breeze blowing through your hair (well, a breeze in Cape Town can be loosely interpreted as whiplash) 🙂

I have a loud, supportive, artistic, funny and sarcastic family which sometimes makes my head spin, especially when everyone is talking at once!  And when they get too much, my absolutely fabulous friends keep me sane.

There is no greater satisfaction than to capture those raw, natural photographs of moments and emotions.  For me, working with people is the greatest gift and I strive to give my all no matter what it takes.

Being a photographer lets me capture those moments that I love, and to present them to someone as a treasured memory.


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